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About Guru Dasmesh Academy, Bhagu

About Guru Dasmesh Academy, Bhagu

Historical Background

Guru Gobind Singh Ji found a little respite at Sabo Ki Talwandi(Damdama Sahib) after a grim struggle with Mughal forces.In order to highlight the role of education in human life. He invented a novel method of spreading an awareness among the people. He made reed pens (Kalam) and spread them in the area for the people. This reed pen (Kalam) is one of the weapon which he has left for us as a legacy. He was a visionary and envisaged that the pen would be the ultimately replace of the sword and would become the ultimate instrument of social change in the coming time. It is our misfortune that the blessed land of reed pen (Kalam) has remained deprived of the power of education and enlightment.

Guru Dasmesh Academy Has been established to perpetuate and strengthen this ammunition of 21st century. Guru Dasmesh Academy envisages‘Literacy for all, Enlightenment of many, Elevation of Mind and Upliftment of Soul’.

Guru Dasmesh Academy is a mission to produce ideal members of society. Our protegees would posses character with higher values and have wholesome personalities.

Guru Dasmesh Academy is a school for a rural children in this Malwa belt where youth and their parents today is synonymous with illiteracy & Intoxicants. It has been spear headed with a specific mission to provide the boon of modern education & enlightenment to these deprived children.


  1. It had been establishment on 15-4-2002 to provide progressive education to the children.
  2. The School functions under the direction of an Acdemic Council Comprising leading educationists, philanthropists, senior administrators and social workers.